Earth Day Initiatives

In celebration of Earth day, there are hundreds of ways to get involved with environmental activism initiatives around the country. From everything as simple as picking up trash to taking photos of air quality, it is possible to strive for a greener earth in the midst of social distancing and COVID-19.

The Earth Day theme this year is environmental activism. The Project Outside is continuing our initiative, #outside2020, through Earth day, but we wanted to share activism based ways to get involved. We’ve compiled a list of initiatives, some national and others local to Denver. They are grouped by platform.

Apps to Download

iNaturalist Part of the City Nature Challenge, this app allows you to document the animal and plant species in your backyard and neighborhood.

The Earth Challenge 2020 App allows you to document photos of air pollution and plastic trash around your neighborhood and city to help them collect data for new research and science projects.


#virtualstewardshipday is a hashtag on Instagram collecting photos of people engaging with nature and picking up trash. The Greenway Leadership Corps is heading a movement in Denver, CO, and their Instagram page @greenwayleadershipcorps has lots of great tips!

#earthweek, or #earthday, or #everydayisearthday are popular hashtags, especially around Earth Day. Share photos or browse people’s thoughts and actions fighting climate change.


Check out the Earth Day website! They have information on the current challenges, ways to get involved, and more about the history of the events.

Check out Greta Thunberg’s website Friday’s For Future and learn more about her work and how you can be a climate activist yearround.

The Website Earth Challenge 2020 has information on their worldwide science project through their app (mentioned above), and you can learn more about their work and how to take specific action.

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