Summer 2020 Introduction

Welcome to the Project Outside summer curriculum! In the midst of the COVID-19 panedmic and racial protests, this summer curriculum focuses on getting kids into nature and giving them projects and experiments to work on each week. For several weeks over the course of the summer, Project Outside is releasing family-friendly curriculum. Each week has a different theme, ranging from climate change focused topics to learning about animals and plants. Materials are in PDF form, with instructions and videos as needed. There will also be information on the @the.project.outside Instagram each day!

Each week includes a challenge for the entire family, a science experiment for older kids, and then several activities for younger kids. There will also be environmental education lessons and a more formal informational blog post. You can find links to the materials in each post, as well as other activities to do together. Please share your completed activities or photos with the #projectoutsidesummer on Instagram!

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