Let’s Learn About Water! Summer 2020 Week 2 Content

Welcome to Week 2 of Summer 2020 content! This week we are diving into water, the life source on Earth and a crucial part to life in Denver. Our activities explore the water cycle, pollution, and the local rivers.

In Denver, there are several main rivers: the South Platte, the Cherry Creek, Westerly Creek, among many others. Our challenge to you is to visit one of these rivers! What animals, birds, and plants did you see? What did it sound like? Where did the water come from? Where is it going?

This week the curriculum is has several components. Find links to each below!

Introduction with 2 Experiments What is the Water Cycle?

This activity includes an introduction with a water cycle graphic as well as two interactive experiments! Read about the basics of the water cycle and then test evaporation and condensation with household items, modeling how the water cycle works.

Additional Experiment Make a DIY Water Filter!

This experiment uses household items to make a DIY water filter, showing how water purification works to clear out large pollutants from the water. Don’t drink this water even if it looks clear!

Family Activity Macroinvertebrate Hunt at a Local River!

Take a day and complete a Critter Crawl, looking for Macroinvertebrates (small creatures without backbones that live in the river!) in a local river or pond. Included in the list are the materials needed, ideas for where to find Macros in Denver, and tips to find the most critters!

Weekly Challenge Use Less Water!

For this weekly challenge we challenge you to lose less water! Try taking one action every day (examples provided in the document!) to reduce your water intake. If you are feeling up for an extra challenge, take 3 minute showers every day!

Coming up next: Additional resources for water usage and water pollution, as well as our thoughts with our latest #outside2020 challenge running in the month of August!

Stay tuned for the next week of Project Outside Summer 2020 Curriculum! Share your findings, coloring pages, and ideas with #projectoutsidesummer2020 on Instagram or tag @the.project.outside to let us know what you have been doing!

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