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Who are we?

The Project Outside was founded in March 2020 by Katie Kurtz. Since then, The Project Outside has started several challenges including our #outside2020 and #outside2022 challenges on social media. For April and August in 2020, and January in 2022, The Project Outside shared one simple way each day to get outside, encouraging people to add time outdoors into their daily routine.

Beyond these daily challenges, The Project Outside has published three weeks of Summer 2020 at-home education curriculum for families to use as a way to engage with nature in the COVID-19 setting. We continue to publish family-friendly lessons and activities.

The Project Outside is also partnering with schools, and worked with DSST Montview to set up a partnership between the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) in the 9th and 12th-grade entrepreneurship classes. We hope to set up other partnerships to improve existing programs in other schools around the city.

The Project Outside seeks to redefine environmental education standards in the 21st century and while running projects to increase community engagement in the environment, we are working to update environmental education (EE) models to hopefully partner with organizations and start a discussion about how to better serve students. Beyond EE in schools, The Project Outside hopes to redefine what “nature” means in an urban setting to Along with a practical environmental education curriculum, The Project Outside is working to think critically about broader conceptions of nature in the 21st century and how to redesign how Americans think about the natural world in order to fight environmental justice issues and climate change. By rethinking the framework, we can tackle education from a new lens and inspire different forms of change.

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