A New Definition of Nature: Now What?

While creating a new definition of nature is a theoretical discussion, the implications are practical, real, and important for our everyday lives. Our relationship with nature is an undercurrent to many fundamental parts of our day and the world such as urban planning, our hobbies and weekend activities, our access to safe living spaces andContinue reading “A New Definition of Nature: Now What?”

What is Nature? Importance of a New Definition

As we continue to build bigger, more expansive and industrial cities, and climate change poses a greater threat than ever, we must redefine what “nature” is. We cannot spend all our energy preserving magnificent natural landscapes to only forget about the nature at our door that is being destroyed. It is crucial to maintain andContinue reading “What is Nature? Importance of a New Definition”

What is Nature? Traditional Definitions of Nature in America

The American idea of “nature” is rooted in the vision of early settler-colonists as they crossed over to the Americas in the 1600 and 1700s. With many settler-colonists arriving from countries like England, the expanse of seemingly open space was shocking and exciting to the founders of colonies like Jamestown, Williamsburg, and later Boston andContinue reading “What is Nature? Traditional Definitions of Nature in America”

What is “Nature”? February Content Series

Happy February! We hope you took some time in January to get outside and start the year grounded in the natural world. I’ve been in Maine recently, and it has been cold but filled with opportunities to get outside and appreciate the winter landscape. For the month of February we are starting a new contentContinue reading “What is “Nature”? February Content Series”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! As January 2022 begins to take shape, it is both refreshing and daunting to be faced with a new year. 2021 was unimaginably taxing and challenging, so a new year brings the hope for a better year and forward progress. However, the many movements for social reform, the COVID-19 pandemic, and politicalContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Let’s Learn About Water! Summer 2020 Week 2 Content

Welcome to Week 2 of Summer 2020 content! This week we are diving into water, the life source on Earth and a crucial part to life in Denver. Our activities explore the water cycle, pollution, and the local rivers. In Denver, there are several main rivers: the South Platte, the Cherry Creek, Westerly Creek, amongContinue reading “Let’s Learn About Water! Summer 2020 Week 2 Content”

What is an Impervious Surface? Summer 2020 Week 1 Content

Welcome to The Project Outside Summer 2020 week one! This week focuses on impervious surfaces. An impervious surface is a surface where water can’t drain through it, but runs off instead. Examples are concerete, asphalt, buildings, rocks, etc. Did you know there are impervious surfaces in nature too? We think about them as bad surfaces,Continue reading “What is an Impervious Surface? Summer 2020 Week 1 Content”

Summer 2020 Introduction

Welcome to the Project Outside summer curriculum! In the midst of the COVID-19 panedmic and racial protests, this summer curriculum focuses on getting kids into nature and giving them projects and experiments to work on each week. For several weeks over the course of the summer, Project Outside is releasing family-friendly curriculum. Each week hasContinue reading “Summer 2020 Introduction”

The time to change is now

We never imagined the world would be put on hold. Even two months ago, it was impossible to imagine the duration of stay at home orders, temporary shut downs, and unemployment. The virus has not only taken many lives, but it has forced the entire world to change course. This comes with intense emotions. FromContinue reading “The time to change is now”