What is Nature? Traditional Definitions of Nature in America

The American idea of “nature” is rooted in the vision of early settler-colonists as they crossed over to the Americas in the 1600 and 1700s. With many settler-colonists arriving from countries like England, the expanse of seemingly open space was shocking and exciting to the founders of colonies like Jamestown, Williamsburg, and later Boston andContinue reading “What is Nature? Traditional Definitions of Nature in America”

The time to change is now

We never imagined the world would be put on hold. Even two months ago, it was impossible to imagine the duration of stay at home orders, temporary shut downs, and unemployment. The virus has not only taken many lives, but it has forced the entire world to change course. This comes with intense emotions. FromContinue reading “The time to change is now”

Earth Day Initiatives

In celebration of Earth day, there are hundreds of ways to get involved with environmental activism initiatives around the country. From everything as simple as picking up trash to taking photos of air quality, it is possible to strive for a greener earth in the midst of social distancing and COVID-19. The Earth Day themeContinue reading “Earth Day Initiatives”


Welcome to the daily challenge #Outside2020! This is a daily challenge to get outside in an urban setting. While these activities are centered around the current situation, the global COVID-19 pandemic, they are timeless ways to interact with nature. What is the challenge? This is a daily photo challenge on Instagram. Each day we postContinue reading “#Outside2020”