What is an Impervious Surface? Summer 2020 Week 1 Content

Welcome to The Project Outside Summer 2020 week one! This week focuses on impervious surfaces. An impervious surface is a surface where water can’t drain through it, but runs off instead. Examples are concerete, asphalt, buildings, rocks, etc. Did you know there are impervious surfaces in nature too? We think about them as bad surfaces,Continue reading “What is an Impervious Surface? Summer 2020 Week 1 Content”

Summer 2020 Introduction

Welcome to the Project Outside summer curriculum! In the midst of the COVID-19 panedmic and racial protests, this summer curriculum focuses on getting kids into nature and giving them projects and experiments to work on each week. For several weeks over the course of the summer, Project Outside is releasing family-friendly curriculum. Each week hasContinue reading “Summer 2020 Introduction”